KWASU Students Cries Out With #StopExtortionInKwasu As They are Being Extorted By The School

In the evening of the 20th Of September, Kwasu Students started the trend #stopextortioninkwasu on twitter in a bid to get intervention from the upper hands.

Kwasuites has been in silence since all these years despite being unsatisfied with how they were being treated by the school management but it's not the same this time around as the students takes to twitter with the hashtag #stopextortioninkwasu to complain about School fees extortion, roads, meaningless fee being added to the portal every time.

 This sudden voice out was caused by the notice given to final year students to pay for compulsory accommodation on or before Friday runs out, the accommodation in question here is not even available anymore, every hostel has been accommodated, will they be forced to pay what will not be given to them? Should Hostel Even be compulsory for final year students? These are the questions running through everyone's mind.

See some tweets below:

Full Credit to Alaaroyecampus

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