Top 3 Popular Collge In KWASU

There are colleges in kwasu that are well known and department under those colleges are popular. Am going to list the 3 popular college in kwara stateuniversity from the highest to the lowest well known college.

 See the listed below…..

1.College of Engineering and Technology.

    This college is popularly known as ladies crush college, ladies in kwasu always like to hook up with student in college of engineering and guys in engineering were handsome, other college in kwasu love their school tag colour which is black and many believe that engineering student were brilliant.

Most student in engineering were guys and other college always have crush on them. Hardly will you see a student of other colleges that don’t have two or more friend in engineering.

2.College of Humanities, Management and Social Science.

    College of humanities well known as ladies college. They have the highest number of female student with at least 12 female student in each department under college of humanities,management and social science,such as accounting and banking and finance department e.t.c.

 There are many department under these college. Other colleges love to fish in this college and make friend.

3.College of Pure and Applied

   This college is popularly known due to the reason that all 100 level science student offered courses under this college,and this college produce many first class graduate.

 Student in this college are easy to make friend with [I mean making female friend] and you will always see them walking round the school premises.

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